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Fine contemporary art




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Photographic Credits


Unless otherwise stated all the photos published on this website are copyrighted by the author of the artworks.


Photos of artworks by Henri Baviera: Copyright © 2017-2021 Henri Baviera

Photos of artworks by Cosmina: Copyright © 2006-2021 Cosmina Ene

Photos of artworks by Nicolae Ene: Copyright © 2014-2021 Nicolae A. Ene. All rights reserved

Photos of artworks by Beto Gayoso: Copyright © 2019-2021 Alberto Gayoso Diaz. All rights reserved

Photos of artworks by Ricon Ibdar: Courtesy of Ricon Ibdar.

Photos of artworks by Sol Kjøk: Various copyrights. All rights reserved

Photos of artworks by Vanessa Longo: Copyright © 2020 Francesca Procopio. All rights reserved

Photos of sculptures by Hélène Modébadzé: Copyright © 2020 Max Laniado Fine Arts. All rights reserved

Photos of artworks by Claire Murray: Courtesy of Claire Murray unless otherwise stated

Photos of artworks by Nina Tescar: Copyright © 2020-2021 Nina Tescar - All rights reserved

Photos of artworks by Judith Vergara Garcia: Copyright © 2013-2021 Judith Vergara Garcia. All rights reserved

Photos of artworks by Zinnia Clavo: Copyright © 2008-2021. All rights reserved.


All photos, videos and texts published on this website are protected by copyright law.

Any reproduction, even partial, is strictly forbidden

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