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MUST READ ! Enlightening testimonials and expressions from artists in confinement,

76 Pages - 18 color photographs

Texts in English and French


This book is a compilation of artists' testimonials and reflections as they face the 2020 pandemic. Compiled by Max Laniado, en eminent art promoter, these emotional, moving, philosophical, narrative, compassionate reactions show the wonderful diversity that characterized our humankind.


Read and share these testimonials. This shows that behind the beautiful images artists offer us, there are deep sensitive and compassionate souls and hearts.


"Suddenly, the unbelievable happened. A plague stroke and extended its indiscriminate attack to the whole world. The only possible protection is confinement. The keyword is “social distancing.” The world holds its breath waiting for possible cures, possible defenses, a vaccine.


Artists are stranded in their homes; some cannot even go to work; others have chosen to camp in their studios to continue working. Some lack essential materials to continue working their art. Despite fear, anguish, isolation, and deprivation, they show compassion, empathy, and an incredible urge to create. I keep communicating with the artists. I want to reassure them, to help them stay positive, to tighten our bonds so we can overcome together this terrible ordeal. Most show an admirable strength—all express compassion for the deprived.


We can see a resurgence of generosity and human values. I have asked then to write and express their feelings and experiences. Reading these sometimes very moving testimonies and impressions is a real enlightenment on the resilience and diversity of human nature. It comforts us in our capacity to defeat adversity."


Max Laniado

Book - Artiists in Confinement - Max Laniado


Book - Artiists in Confinement - Max Laniado