painter born in 1961

Zinnia Clavo - in her studio



Zinnia Clavo (aka Zinnia) was born in 1961 in Madrid, Spain in a family of artists.


She is the daughter of multidisciplinary artist Javier Clavo whose works are in major Spanish museums and of enamel artist Angela Escribano.

Zinnia lived bathed in art world since childhood.

At the early age of 11, as she was supervised by her parents, Zinnia developed her own style.


In 1984, she graduated in Art History, philosophy and literature at the University of Madrid.


In 1985, she was awarded a scholarship by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to continue her Fine Arts studies in Krakow, Poland (Jagiellonski University and Szutuk Pieknv Academy) were she got a Master  of Fine Arts.

During her stay in Krakow, she had exhibitions in The Studencka Gallery and in the Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych.


From that moment, Zinnia has dedicated all her time to painting.

She developed her very personal style, and is in a continuous research for evolution.


Zinnia had numerous solo and group exhibitions in galleries in Spain (Madrid, Bilbao, Toledo, Santiagio de Compostela, Santander, etc,), in France (Paris, , and in England (London.)


Over the years, she has participated in many national and international art fairs and obtained many awards.


Zinnia's Artistic Statement

Painting is a mystery.

For me, it is a path to escape reality.


Nature is my starting point.

When I start a painting, I have a definite intention.

My line of thought, the development of the idea in my mind to the tip of the brush are infinite.

The paintings gets its own life, It dictates its laws to me, and ends up by painting itself. If I try to control it, I know that I will end as a looser. I feel that I am the instrument, as I let myself guide by what the painting asks me. At the end, I discover a small secret place where its soul is hidden.


After a day of work, I am exhausted. I have to turn the painting over, because it continues to cry out for me, and, despite this, I need to know it is close to me.


I feel that I paint better with Bach by Glenn Gould.


What fascinates me in painting are the composition, the rhythm, the unexpected, the weird,...

I like to touch the "skin" of the painting.


I don't like to talk about my paintings. I can't.

In general, I don't talk a lot, but I watch a lot.

I need loneliness.


From a painting to another, there is always a thread pulling the other.


Painting draws me in a state of great anguish, pain, anxiety.

It is this dissatisfaction that makes me progress. Without it, I would paint always the same.


A painting is never finished; perhaps, it is the spectator that will do it.






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Zinnia Clavo - in her studio
Zinnia Clavo - Blue Table - Acrylic on panel
Zinnia Clavo - Walking - Acrylic on panel


Zinnia Clavo - in her studio
Zinnia Clavo - Blue Table - Acrylic on panel
Zinnia Clavo - Walking - Acrylic on panel