John Sebastian

painter born in 1972



I met John Sebastian in October 2016 at the occasion of an opening party in New York. He introduced himself as an art journalist and artist. I immediately detected in him  an incredible artistic fiber and extreme sensibility.


Since then, I have had the pleasure to get to know this man with such an unusual and attaching personality. We met many times and I discovered, through our conversations, that John was, and is an artist with a very interesting artistic approach.


I realized that John Sebastian has Art in his blood, in his genes, in his soul,

Whether with music, theatre, show-business, television, or graphic art, he can demonstrate an original approach that conquers the public.


John had been a successful painter, then he decided to help other artists with the creation of an Internet on-line magazine,

Eventually, John showed me a few paintings that he had created recently. I was really stunned, and decided to encourage him to continue painting.


John Sebastian's paintings find their roots in a profound spirituality. It is translated with talent into small masterpieces.


I am proud to have him join the group of artists I represent.

Max Laniado




John Sebastian was born in Long Island -  New York, in1972. He was raised in a family infused by generations of artists and craftsmen. Luthiers, Carpenters, Draftsman, Engineers, and Musicians.

His father played a major role is his artistic career, a Korean war veteran, studio musician (guitar being his main instrument), mathematician and metallurgist by trade.

In a very large family, John grew up spending holidays first listening to his uncles and father playing classic swing music and jazz and eventually taught himself how to play guitar and joining in.

John brings music to his art in all its forms,


Self-taught John Sebastian has spent years perfecting several different disciplines of painting and drawing but stays within the parameters of abstract expressionism and impressionism.


Keeping in mind his unique and original styles of painting in series - Sebastian has veered away from traditional art academia and has instead acquired an approach to painting that retains hints of his favorite American  modern contemporary  painting masters, Paul Klee, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Mark Rothko and of course Gerhard Richter who he most likens his work to in that he follows no rules or palette patterns. He has derived a penchant for drawing and draftsmanship from the old masters, Albrecht Durer being one of his favorites.


Following in the footsteps of the great acting teacher Stanislavsky,

John Lives his Life In Art.







The human mind and condition fascinates me.



The bodies that house the mind the heart and the soul fascinate me.

I have spent a lifetime studying body movement facial expression and spiritual intent in hopes of gaining some port of entry to every individual I come in contact with, to explain (mostly to myself) why we do what we do and why evolution within our species seems to be taking so long.


Interactions with each other and our environments, with the elements of nature and the creatures we share the planet with intrigue me to no end. Just when I thought I may have found an answer I am pleasantly and sometimes unpleasantly surprised to find that I may have been wrong or lead to another path of understanding and must rethink my whole approach.


Supernatural occurrences, things that go bump in the night and the power we have within us which lays dormant within most either unintentionally or intentionally can send a chill straight up my spine. The power of the female and her dominance over the male will keep my mind occupied for years and years to come. Her shape and form and true beauty astounds me and her capacity to create life can sometimes fry my brain like bacon and eggs. Art in all its forms and genres have captivated my world and I dedicate myself and my life to it.


Through art we can explain the unexplainable. Words visual impressions and physical and spiritual interactions consume us and through these experiences we will hopefully live a full and whole  life.  There are those who choose to live smaller more quiet existences and those of us who live a more grandiose existence.  Our need to judge and gauge - compare and compete - succeed and fail and succeed from our failures, this is the human condition and experience. This is what my art and life revolve around all of the above plus some. Magic in metaphors and the poetry of the universe are my compass and ruler and the earth and the creatures on it are preferred subject to study and measure.






Mixed media on canvas

24 x 36 in

Private collection

Underground #4


Mixed media on canvas

24 x 48 in

Private collection

Loves Letters from Russia #3


Mixed acrylic on canvas

24 x 30 in

Private collection




2000  - 2006 : Atelier Art Soho:  Artist in Residence: 4 Solo Exhibitions yearly


2004 - 2008: Lisa Eickholt Landmark Gallery Space Soho

Monthly Salon Party Group Shows 2 Solo Exhibitions Yearly




1999: First Exhibition   - Solo Show : Jadite Gallery - Hell’s Kitchen


2000: Solo Exhibition : Series: The Underground:  Skylight 6 Art Gallery Photo Studio Chelsea


2000: 33 Degrees Fashion Company Solo Exhibition  -Garment District - Showroom - Midtown


2001: The Red Door Gallery Midtown : Solo Exhibition


2001 Nov: The Venezuelan Consulate -  Inauguration Group Show, Midtown


2001  - 2003: Helmsley Spear, Manhattan, Corporate Lobby Exhibitions


2003: Solo Exhibition The Hudson Lounge  - Several Private Exhibitions For The De Niro Family and Other Celebrities


2003 - 2006: Tribeca Film Festival: 7 Locations on the Tribeca Film Festival Tour 7 Paintings


2004: The Art Bar: West Village Solo Exhibition Drawings


2008 - Present: Publisher Owner The New York Optimist LLC: Weekly Online Magazine Featuring Artists From all Over the World.




Brooklyn Museum Of Art


Hearst Publishing


Helmsley Spear

Douglas Elliman

Robert De Niro

Porsche Club - Alsace France.




Mixed media on panel

24 x 46 in

Private collection

Eden #1


Mixed acrylic on canvas

52 x 52 in

Private collection