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Anatomy of a Masterpiece

September 2019

Vanessa LONGO

I met Vanessa Longo in New York, during the Summer 2014.


When I first discovered her work, I was struck by their emotional impact, combining sensuality and fragility with a phantasmagorical power.


Vanessa Longo's  breathe a medieval style. They were initially inspired by mythological, and religious figures, paganized through beasts of Medieval imaginary realm. More recently,  the  women she represents are not set anymore against a foe, but they  penetrate it.


For the last two years, Vanessa Longo transcribes her deep emotions and reflections about the woman condition.


As a key to her messages, Vanessa Longo gives long titles to her works, in order to reveal her philosophical reflections where ‘philosophical’ can be interpreted in all its meanings ‘metaphysical’ or ‘stoical.’


With a very unique style, Vanessa Longo demonstrates an absolute mastering of  her art. The delicate depiction of  the women she represents is combined with the use of copper foil enhancing and symbolizing the emotional message.


Vanessa Longo wants her freedom of difference to be acknowledged.


Vanessa Longo is an internationally recohized multi-awarded artist.




This painting's story by Vanessa Longo - Click here



This painting is about a woman who had a good job; she owned a house; she was independent, but she was very envious of who possessed more than her.


One day a wealthy stranger came. He courted her a lot, gave her gifts, took her to exclusive places, but she didn’t fall in love with him. He asked her to marry him, promising her wealth, beautiful clothes, jewels, on one

condition: When she went out among the people she would have to wear an all-gold dress that covered her whole body, including her face. In the house, in front of her husband, she could show off her precious jewels.


 She thought that all would envy a woman who could dress so sumptuously.


The woman, even if she did not reciprocate the sentiment, accepted the deal, blinded by the desire to be her the one envied by the people. In the house, she wore hand-woven clothes enriched with precious stones, diamond earrings,  rings with rubies and did nothing but contemplate herself in the mirror.


But after some time she got bored with this life. She put on her golden robe and went out, peering at the faces of the people she met.


With enormous  disappointment, she realized that they were not looking at her with envy, but with great sorrow.


They were free


Vanessa Longo

Questo quadro parla di una donna che viveva grazie al suo lavoro, era indipendente ma era molto invidiosa di chi possedeva più di lei.


Un giorno arrivò un ricco straniero, la corteggiò moltissimo, le face regali, la portò in luoghi esclusivi, ma Lei non se ne innamorò. Lui le chiese di sposarlo, promettendole ricchezza, vestiti bellissimi, gioielli, ad un'unica condizione:

Quando usciva tra la gente avrebbe dovuto indossare un abito tutto d'oro che le copriva tutto il corpo, volto compreso. In casa, al cospetto del marito, avrebbe potuto sfoggiare i preziosi monili.


Lei pensò cheTutti avrebbero invidiato una donna che poteva vestire così sontuosamente.


La donna, anche se non ricambiava il  sentimento, accettò l'affare, accecata dal desiderio di essere Lei quella invidiata dalla gente. In casa vestiva abiti tessuti a mano arricchiti da pietre preziose, orecchini di diamanti, anelli con rubini e non faceva altro che contemplarsi allo specchio.


Ma dopo qualche tempo si annoiò di questa vita. Indossò il suo abito dorato ed uscì, scrutando curiosa e beffarda i volti delle persone che incontrava.


Con enorme disappunto si rese conto che non la guardavano con invidia, ma con grande pena.


Loro erano liberi.


Vanessa Longo




Although we all agree that the first reason for acquiring a piece of art is the subjective and personal attraction, one can find a great pride when having the flair to detect artists who may become tomorrow's masters.


Vanessa Longo - Disappointed envious woman - 2019
Vanessa Longo - Disappointed envious woman - 2019
Vanessa Longo - Disappointed envious woman - 2019