Nicolae A. Ene

painter born in 1977



Nicolae Andrei Ene was born in Bucharest, Romania in 1977.


He received a worldly education in art and culture in three continents as a displaced refugee of an Eastern Bloc country.


At the age of four, Ene was exposed to some of the most important works of art and architecture throughout the western world. Rapidly absorbing hundreds of years of culture from Europe and North Africa in a matter of years. The experience left an indelible mark on his artistic spirit.


After years of travel, Ene settled in the New York Metropolitan area to live, work, and study.


 His relationship with painting came at a young age. Spiritually bound to his work, he developed his own private world of introspection. He grafts together past and present experiences into a melting pot of understanding.


After studying at Parson: The New School for Design, he immersed himself in a world of constant creation. He combines his love for art, philosophy, spirituality, science, and world culture to create highly detailed works.


In his paintings, Ene presents the viewer with his personal meditations on the universal rhythms, boundaries, and energies that permeate our lives. Meticulously created, each painting stirs with organic movement bound by linear constructs. Accomplished in a meditative state, creation is treated as ritual. Intuitive in nature, the painting emerges from an involved process of layering color variations and intricate pen work.


Nicolae Ene is one of the most successful discoveries of Max Laniado. His unique and beautiful paintings are sought-after by collectors worldwide.

In 2014, six of his rare paintings were displayed in Paris, France and sold within a week. In New York, 90% of the available paintings were sold as soon as they were on show. With such a spectacular ascension, Nicolae Ene is promised to the highest summits on the international art scene.




The alliance of techniques


Atypical artist, Nicolae Andrei ENE uses for his creations a support, a technique, and a medium practically out of the ordinary in the contemporary Western world: wood panel, technical pen, and ink(?). No, not ink, but carbon pigments, thus insuring longevity and  perenniality of the work.


Firstly, he uses a support greatly appreciated by 15th century artists. While they painted on hard or resinous wood, Ene has adopted contemporary natural maple panels as a support. Mimicking the surfaces often used by early artists, these contemporary panels exhibit archival qualities that make them infinitely more durable against environmental impacts. In fact, by using a support surface from the late Middle Ages, Ene not only shows a commitment to the history of art, but also a renewal through this artistic adaptation and the incorporation of modern mediums such as acrylics and pigment inks. This demonstrates his ability to transform mediums, the very skeleton of an art piece.


Second, Ene employs technical pens to draw the intricate lines on all of his paintings. Once commonly used by architects and engineers to carry out their plans, these technical pens allow for a quality of line, a rapid drying of "ink", and high contrast conducive to freehand tracing. The degree of precision required to accomplish this work allows him to create strong limits on an expansive yet minute scale, and thus, materializing a vision of the world around us.  According to the artist, the human observes the world as composed of boundaries and limits. However, all of these boundaries are just illusions imposed by humans onto their environment. Thus, ENE presents us with a personal vision of the human condition. In fact, the use of technical pen can be considered not as a technique, but rather as a signature, which would allow the artist to free himself from the history of art and to create a new plastic form adapted to his vision of the world.


Thirdly, Ene uses "ink" (carbon pigments) as the medium to represent the human construct of boundaries and limitations. Indeed, the porous nature of borders created by human beings can be seen in each of his works. Some colors stay locked in cells bordered by black ink lines while other cells tend to fester and open up to the rest of the composition. This color extension symbolizes the interaction between humans and their surroundings.  Furthermore, the inking anchors the color and boundaries thus promoting a closer meditation on limitations imposed by nature or human ideals.


Nicolae Andrei Ene presents artistic singularity and innovation that is reflected in his detailed creations. A distinctively talented artist, he never ceases to amaze and move us through his approach and capacity to show us unique universal perceptions.


Untitled ref. 02-17 (2017) 18" x 24"

Untitled ref. 02-17 Close-ups



For me, painting has always been simply an epistemic journey, a method of meditative focus through action producing a pervasive entanglement of thoughts where one layer of experiences influences the next.


I believe in interconnectedness as a fundamental construct of our complex reality and consider all things as open systems since I can not find anything singular or lacking interconnectedness.


Working within such a vast construct, I contain and segregate a finite area, actively focus on it, and find its simplicity through its inherent complexity.


Current Work

 I am working on notions concerning the complex interplay of our presence as beings of thought in a multidimensional reality that emanates and fosters such existence, the function of our interconnectedness, our use of delineating boundaries and limits in order to gain an understanding of this complex interplay, and the dissolve and permeability of these boundaries.



Working on a smooth wood panel surface, I create a series of progressive layers of finely tuned balances using space, color, and value. These elements are directly dependent on the initial application of paint and further influence all subsequent layers thereafter.


The action of layering and balancing continues until I reach a critical mass in a cogent balance that conveys to me a complete and multifaceted experience of the idea set in motion by the initial layer.


The final layer is achieved using a technical pen filled with a fluid paint of carbon black pigment. This stark contrasting layer delineates and anchors the intricate boundaries that have emerged as a result of the initial paint layering process.


A painting is never finished with me. I create its presence and you (the viewer) imbue it with meaning and purpose. Ideally, the viewer experiences it and is captured by it in the same way its creation came about. As an enveloping presence.



Bound Presence of Infinite Interconnectedness

 by Nicolae Ene

I'm balancing on an edge.

Observing the vast presence of infinite interconnectedness.

A universal rhythm, presenting itself as an illusory substructure infused with simplicity and lost in complexity.

A multitude of entangled systems delineated by meandering permeable boundaries.

A gestalt so overwhelmingly monstrous, that in reaction, I impose an epistemic construct of systematic control through mechanically linear boundaries,

which in itself conversely produces a runaway chaotic system of infinitely emerging limits requiring further simplification and compartmentalization.

Partially or totally eradicating these initial constructs and exhaustively imposing an interplay of multiple layers and stark yet porous boundaries,

a critical mass is reached as a balanced construct of entangled systems within systems.







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